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The Company's contact centre is operational from 9.30am to 6.30pm on all days.

In addition to above, following employees of Navi General Insurance, can be contacted, in case you are facing difficulties in contacting the Company through its contact centre or through email.

Policyholder, for policy related queries and requests
Ms. Aruna Pogula aruna.pogula@navi.com +91 90297 57672
Claimant, for Motor & Property claim related queries
Mr. Gulshan Kumar gulshan.kumar@navi.com +91 97177 90202
Claimant, for health claim related queries
Dr Chandrakant Said chandrakant.said@navi.com +91 99695 74928
Agent or Intermediary, for business or any policy related queries
Mr. Rahul Verma rahul.verma@navi.com +91 9871988 566

Is COVID-19 claim payable under my health insurance policy?

Your Group Health Indemnity Insurance policy & NAVI Cure Individual & Family Floater Health Indemnity policies, both cover hospitalisation related to COVID-19.Your Group Hospicash insurance policy pays fixed benefit amount for number of days of COVID-19 hospitalisation as per policy terms & conditions.

How much amount is payable for COVID -19 claims?

Claim is payable up to your policy Sum Insured as per policy terms and conditions.

Is quarantine in hospital due to COVID – 19 payable? Are expenses due to quarantine in hospital payable?

Medical expenses incurred due to Quarantine advised by treating doctor in hospital is payable subject to medical necessary inpatient treatment under your health indemnity insurance policy as per terms and conditions

Are expenses due to quarantine because of COVID – 19 at home payable?

Expenses incurred due to Quarantine advised by treating doctor at home is not payable as there is no active line of treatment and no hospitalisation.

Is there any waiting period for COVID-19 claim?

Standard waiting period as per policy terms and conditions is applicable. However, there is no additional waiting period for COVID-19 claim.

Can I get a cashless treatment in government hospital?

Cashless facility is available at our network hospital. List of our empaneled hospital is available on our website.

Please find the link for the same. www.naviinsurance.com/hospitals.

In case you are admitted in a hospital which is a non-network hospital, please submit following documents for processing of health indemnity claim via re-imbursement. You can upload documents in customer portal of the TPA mentioned on your health card.

  • Duly filled claim form signed by treating doctor
  • Discharge summary /card
  • Original hospital bill with payment receipt
  • Investigation reports along with payment receipt
  • Medicine bills with prescription
  • Cancelled cheque copy / banking details
  • KYC documents if claim amount is more than 1 lac

*In case you have a life insurance policy, kindly provide Life insurance policy number along with name of life insurance company for sharing information with relevant insurer.

Health Insurance

Does my policy cover the COVID-19?

The Corona Viral infection resulting in medically necessary hospitalization and related expenses will be covered provided your medical policy covers hospitalization and related expenses. There are some policies which cover specific named illnesses which will not cover Corona Viral Infection.

What does "grace period for policy renewal" mean?

The grace period for renewal of policies falling due during the lockdown period between 25.3.2020 to 3.5.2020 is extended up to 15.5.2020 for payment of premium without losing continuity benefit. However, efforts should be made to pay premium online as soon as possible. Valid claims during grace period will be payable.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared on 12 March 2020 the current COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic. Will medical insurance policies still provide coverage for COVID-19?

The existing policies covering hospitalization will continue to cover COVID-19 related medically necessary hospitalization. For new policies there is normally a waiting period of 30 days.

Does my policy cover Covid-19 testing expenses even if I do not undergo hospitalization?

COVID-19 testing expenses are payable under pre-hospitalization cover. If there is no hospitalization, such expenses are typically not covered.

What happens if I cannot intimate my health claim as per the timelines stipulated in the policy?

You may use helpline or email for intimation of claims and submission of documents electronically or use customer portals. The company understands that you may face genuine difficulties and will decide on a case-to-case basis.

Motor Third Party Insurance

It has been allowed to renew the policies falling due in lockdown period on or before 15.5.2020.

Motor OD

Can I get refund under my Motor Insurance premium/extend validity on pro-rata basis for the lockdown period as the vehicles are not being used during the said period.

There is no such provision under motor policies issued by the company.

Travel Insurance/OMP

If my trip is cancelled due to corona travel restrictions can I claim refund or get the policy extended?

If the trip is cancelled, due to lockdown, destination country imposing flight ban, immigration ban or quarantine arising out of Covid19, policyholder can apply for a premium refund for the travel insurance purchased or request for a change in the travel period provided the insured trip has not yet commenced.Policy Holders can also apply for a change in the travel period; or request for extension of their OMP policy if they are unable to travel back home due to lockdown conditions.

House holder Insurance

Will my insurance cover the cost of a deep clean to my property should it be sealed due to contamination by COVID-19?

Most standard householder insurance policies do not provide cover for the costs of cleaning a property.

I have been quarantined or am unable to travel from abroad and therefore my home may be left unoccupied. Will I be covered?

Normally the insurance coverage will continue in such an eventuality under most of the policies and wherever non occupancy limits are mentioned in the policy under certain sections, Insurers will be taking a pragmatic approach to individuals who are quarantined or stuck abroad and are unable to return to their home. Individuals should contact their insurer to obtain advice on this issue.

SMEs and small shopkeepers

Is my risk covered under fire policy beyond 30 days as it remains unoccupied due to lockdown?

The cover under Fire and Special Perils policy SFSP has been extended up to 3.5.2020 without requirement of any notice from the insuredThe General insurers have been advised by the Authority(IRDAI) vide press release dated 30.4.2020 to inform the policyholders of how the relevant clause(s) would apply beyond 3rd May, 2020 in all policies and what action is needed by the policyholders to avail of uninterrupted coverage. The exact approach taken for your policy depends on the situation at your location.The Policyholders in turn are requested to read the terms and conditions of their insurance policies carefully and be aware of the policy requirements in case they or their insured properties are located in areas where there could be prolonged restriction of movement.

If the premise is unoccupied for more than 7 days will the burglary cover be available?

It is a known fact that unoccupied premises present an increased risk of burglary. It is advisable to give notice to your insurer who will work with you to ensure that suitable action is taken. Insurers will try and be as flexible as possible in these circumstances

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