#YourChoiceMatters: Selecting Your Own Benefits In Health Insurance: Is This Even Possible?

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There are two kinds of people you will meet in your life: ones who prefer ordering from the set menu and then there are those who like to order à la carte . What’s the difference, you might think —after all, aren’t both eating food? It’s the difference of your choice. While some people are okay with whatever is offered to them, others like to make their own choices. Which one are you?

À la carte In Health Insurance

We are all aware that health insurance is a basic necessity today. Without health insurance, you are at a risk of majority of your savings getting wiped off in the event of a medical emergency. During a sudden illness or an accident, you will not only spend money on healthcare, but you will also be away from work for a certain period of time, causing you to lose out on your earnings for that period. It’s a double whammy! But, if you have the right health insurance, your health insurance provider may not only be able to cover your healthcare expenses, but also pay you fixed cash benefit to compensate for your losses. “How is that even possible?”, you may ask. With the fixed hospicash benefit. But, in order to take advantage of this benefit, you need to add this benefit to your health insurance. This may be possible only if you buy an à la carte health insurance—a health insurance created just for you and by ‘you’ — because nobody understands your needs better.

Advantages of Creating Your Own Health Insurance Policy

There are so many advantages of creating your own health insurance policy. However, the biggest one we can tell you is the freedom to choose. No one—neither your health insurance provider nor your friends or relatives can tell you what your health insurance should be like-the choice is ‘yours’! Here are some more advantages of customising your health insurance policy:

1) Self-awareness: When you create something from scratch, not only do you take more interest in the final product but you are also aware of what elements go into it. This will be very useful while making a health insurance claim as you would not what may be accepted or rejected by the health insurance provider.

2) Cost-effectiveness: When you buy a packaged health insurance policy, there’s rarely a way to lower health insurance premium. But, with a customised health insurance premium, there are several ways to decrease your health insurance premium. For instance, you can choose to increase your waiting period for certain illnesses to lower your premium.

3) Transparency: When you customise your health insurance, you are completely aware of what the health insurance provider is offering you. So, there may be rare chances that your claims would be rejected if it is found to be legitimate, and as per the terms and conditions of your policy.

So, go ahead and exert your choice today and buy a health insurance that’s just meant for the most special person in your life—you!

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