#YourChoiceMatters: Choose Health Insurance Like You Choose Your Coffee — With Great Care

Let Your Health Insurance Be As Per Your Taste Not Anyone Else's

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Imagine this scene. You and your friend walk into a café and take a few moments to select the best spot where you can cherish your coffee in calm. Now comes the time to order your coffee. While your friend orders hers, you order yours. After all, it’s your cup of coffee and you won’t let anyone decide how you will drink ‘your’ coffee. It’s because ‘your choice matters’.

Cut to Saturday night: You are home alone. There’s no food at home and you don’t wish to cook either. So, you decide to order your food online. From the four food ordering apps you have on your way, you choose one based on your past experience, customer service and so on. Now, comes the time to place the actual order. But, do you place it immediately? Absolutely not! You can read recommendations by food bloggers, you take app suggestions into view, you read reviews on five different platform, you may also weigh in the brand’s social media presence before you actually hit the ‘add to cart’ button. Sounds like a chore? But it isn’t really, you say. You eat out rarely, and you want to ensure that the experience counts. You argue that even if you ate out on a regular basis, you would still follow the same process. It’s because ‘your choice matters’.

Now, in between ordering the perfect cup of coffee to finalising your Saturday night meal, you decide to buy health insurance—because your parents think you should have one. But when the time comes to exert your choice where it really makes a difference, you leave it to others. In this case, first to your parents and then to your health insurance provider.

Buy Health Insurance As Per Your Taste

No one tells you to buy your own coffee, you do so because you want it to be exactly as per your own taste. Let your health insurance be according to your taste too—not your parents’ or your health insurance provider’s. Sure, you can take everyone’s consideration into view, but take matters into your hands for buying a health insurance policy that’s perfect for you. Let’s look at why it is important to choose your own health insurance policy.

Why Should I Choose My Own Health Insurance Policy?

There are several reasons you need to buy your own health insurance policy but we will list down the most important ones:

1) Only you understand your health needs

Apart from you, only your doctor understands your health needs. Sometimes, you may even have to explain your needs to your doctor. So, the only person who may be completely aware of what you want from your health insurance is ‘you’. Of course, you can take suggestions from your peers, well-meaning neighbours, family and relative but the ultimate choice to buy a health insurance policy is yours. For instance, if there is no history of heart diseases in your family, and if you still haven’t hit your 40s, you may consider increasing the pre-existing waiting period for the concerned ailment. In fact, doing so will earn you a discount on your health insurance premium.

2) You want to live your dreams

Millennials or otherwise, most people today have travelling on their ‘bucket list’. You may have certainly saved a certain part of your income to fulfil this life dream. Now, imagine you don’t have health insurance or even one that’s not perfect for you, and you are diagnosed with an ailment that’s not covered. What happens next? You dip into your savings, because the only other options is beg, borrow, steal—some of which may not be viable! You see your dream being shattered in front of your own eyes or put on hold for a few years because you didn’t make the right choice—of buying your health insurance policy.

Adulting is a task, several millennials may agree with this idea. But what’s to be done is to be done! Buying your own health insurance policy is one task that you need to put on your list because it’s the responsible thing to do for your own health! And next time, when you order coffee, give buying health insurance a thought too!

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