Will I Receive A Car Insurance Claim If My Car Catches Fire This Diwali?

Do you know what to do if your car catches fire during Diwali?


Diwali is the time for fun and festivities. Everyone chooses to celebrate it differently – some will play cards, some will indulge themselves with barfis and ladoos, and some others will burst crackers. While bursting cracking is mostly frowned upon nowadays because of the harm it can cause to the environment, it still remains popular among revellers. Apart from contributing to the pollution, crackers can also become a nuisance to the general public. Imagine the times you have feared that rocket invading your home. Now, if you feel unsafe about stray rockets sitting in the confines of your homes, what about your car that is parked in the building or on the road? In a spaced-crunch city like Mumbai, it is not uncommon for people to park their cars on the street so the possibility of stray crackers causing damage to your vehicle during Diwali cannot be ignored. The question remains, if you car catches fire this Diwali will you receive a claim for it? To file a claim, you need to first check whether the risk is covered by your car insurance provider as only a comprehensive car insurance policyholder might be able to file claims for this risk. Let’s take a look at the possible approaches that might be taken by your car insurance provider in such a scenario.

Assessment Of The Situation By The Car Insurance Provider

We know that Diwali might not be the best time to talk to your car insurance provider, but it is recommended that you inform your insurance provider immediately after your car catches fire to ensure your car insurance claim is processed smoothly. However, before this you need to notify the fire brigade who can try and minimise the damage to your car. After you notify your car insurance provider, a surveyor will be sent to inspect your car. They will survey the damage to your car and try to determine the cause of the fire. The car insurance provider or surveyor will inform you of the further process including the documentation needed for the claims process.


Approval Or Rejection Of Claims

Car insurance providers do not reject claims aimlessly, as is often believed. However, if they have reasons to believe that your car was being used for the purpose other than it is intended for, a result of your deliberate planning, your claim will be rejected, and your car insurance policy might also be cancelled. For instance, if you were shooting rocket crackers from your car, which caused a fire, your claim might be rejected. However, if a stray rocket hits your car and caused a fire the insurance provider might honour the claim for the fire

We understand that Diwali is the time to let loose and participate in celebratory events, however protecting yourself and your loved ones and your car will ensure that your worries are reduced later. Here are some tips you can use to keep your car safe during Diwali:

Create a zone in your locality where children and others can burst crackers without harming people and property including parked vehicles.

For a few days, until the Diwali celebrations continue find a safe parking spot for your car. If possible, park your car at a friend or relative’s garage where your car might not be harmed. If you park your car on a busy street, make sure you move it to a safe parking spot for a few days.

If you cover your car, now is the time to remove the cover. Usually made of plastic, car covers are more prone to catching fire.

If you will be driving during Diwali celebrations, make sure your windows are tightly shut, as a stray cracker might enter your moving vehicle and cause your car to go up in flames.

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