What To Keep In Mind Before Buying Health Insurance

Here Are Some Features That You Should Check For Before Purchasing A Health Insurance Policy


Today, health insurance is not just a want, it is a need. Until a few years ago, health insurance was purchased only by a select few, however with the rising costs of medical treatments and increasing hospitalisation expenses, it is a must for everyone now.

Health insurance is also a way to show your loved ones that you care for them. Health Insurance plans are available in abundance in the market. Thus, it is imperative to assess the features of health insurance before sealing the deal. Here are some things that you should consider before buying a health insurance policy.

1) The Waiting Period

Waiting period is one of the most important things to consider before buying a health insurance policy. In a health insurance policy, waiting period is the duration that you need to wait before coverage on some of the illnesses commence. To summarize it, one cannot make claims during this time. The waiting period varies from one health insurance company to another as well as from one policy to another. The most basic types of waiting period in a health insurance policy are initial waiting period, pre-existing condition waiting period and the ailment-related waiting period.

2) Exclusions

At the time of making a claim, the last thing you would want to be told is that the particular condition is not covered by your health insurance policy. Illnesses or health problems are not easy to deal with, and you want your health insurance to ease your stress, not add to it. Therefore, ensure you read the exclusions and policy wordings of your health insurance carefully before purchasing the policy.

3) Claims Process

You buy health insurance to ensure that in times of need such as hospitalization the financial burden on you is reduced. So, undoubtedly, it is important to understand the claims process before purchasing your health insurance policy. Not only should you be able to make claims easily, but your health insurance provider should also be able to process your claims quickly and efficiently. Your focus should be on managing your health and not chasing your health insurance provider to approve your claim.

4) Customer Service

You might have purchased the best health insurance policy for you and your family, but if your health insurance company does not offer good customer support, the policy might not be as beneficial to you as you think. In today’s time, it is very important to offer good customer service along with a great product so when shopping for a health insurance policy look for a company that provides just that. It is even better if your health insurance provider is reachable through all modes of communication such as email and phone.

5) Hospital Network

Before buying a health insurance policy, it is essential to check the network of hospitals in your vicinity and the major multi-speciality hospitals covered by your health insurance provider. Your health insurance provider will directly clear your dues with the hospitals, thus enabling you to have the cashless experience.

6) Room Rent Benefit

Room rent benefit is the amount given to you on per day basis for availing a room in the hospital while undergoing treatment. It is important to check the eligibility of room rent under your health insurance plan.

7) No Claim Bonus

No claim bonus is the value-added benefit which your insurer gives you for not making any claims on your health insurance policy. The benefit enhances your coverage under your health plan without any increase in premium.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the artefact above are for marketing purposes only. Before concluding the sale, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus

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