Value Added Services and Add-On Features to Look for in Health Insurance

These Value-Added services truly redefine what a health insurance plan can do for you and give new meaning to the term ‘holistic coverage’.

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Health Insurance Add-Ons

The importance of buying health insurance simply cannot be emphasized enough.

The rising costs of medical treatment, stretching from the operation theatre to the hospital ward and into your home for after care, can drain out decades’ worth of savings in a few days.

This is why you must always have an active health insurance policy in place – it will protect your hard-earned money and thus, give you true peace of mind during an illness.

These days, leading insurers are known to provide an array of value-added services in health insurance such as telemedicine, counseling, domiciliary hospitalization, and access to wellness programs.

These services truly redefine what a health insurance plan can do for you and give new meaning to the term ‘holistic coverage’.

These features are called ‘value-added’ for a reason – you enjoy them as a perk of being the policyholder with a particular insurer, at no extra charge.

Therefore, it makes sense to look for a health insurance policy that offers such perks.

Not only does it ensure you get more value for money, but it will also help you stay healthy, get access to quality healthcare solutions and recover from a medical condition with ease.

Besides for these value added services, you can also increase the efficacy of your plan through add-on covers.

Health insurance add-ons allow you to enhance & tailor your policy so that it fits you just right.

After all, we each have unique needs for our health and therefore, require uniquely designed health insurance policies.

Now, if you are wondering which health insurance features are highly recommended, this article is just for you!

Read on to discover some of the key add-ons in medical insurance that can add real value to your policy.

Emergency road ambulance cover

Medical emergencies often occur without a warning and in order to get instant life-saving treatment, you need to get to the hospital in time. In this regard, the emergency road ambulance cover can turn out to be a real life-saver. Make sure to check whether your insurer offers you the option of this health insurance add-on when you buy coverage.

Hospital daily cash

This add-on sees the policyholder get paid a daily sum of cash up to a certain number of days as stipulated in the policy. During hospitalization, a lot of sudden additional expenses tend to come out of your own pocket. For instance, you might need to hire a nanny to watch the children while you attend to your spouse admitted in the hospital. Or, you may need to pay for transportation costs to and fro from the medical center. The payout from this add-on can go as high as Rs 10,000 a day.

Critical illness cover

The critical illness cover is one of the most important health insurance add-ons and an absolute must-have if you are not already covered under the protective fold of a standalone critical illness insurance plan. Critical illnesses can often leave you unable to work and support your family during their treatment and recovery period. This cover pays you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses covered by the insurer. You can use this payout to meet any of your financial requirements during your illness. For instance, you may use the payout amount to afford your monthly rent, pay your EMIs, or simply to keep the utilities running. This add-on gives you the peace of mind to focus on your treatment without worrying where the money will come from or having to compromise on your family’s well-being.

Medical second opinion cover

It is natural to want a second opinion when advised to undergo a surgery. For instance, a cancer diagnosis might see you want a second opinion before you undergo surgery for a tumor. This second consultation with another specialist doctor can prove costly and this added cost might make you consider skipping it altogether. But when it comes to health, there should be no compromises. This add-on covers you for a second opinion on your condition and suggested course of treatment from a doctor enlisted with the empaneled service provider.

Maternity and newborn baby cover

If you are planning for a family, make sure to tick this health insurance add-on when buying medical coverage. The maternity and newborn baby add-on generally covers up to 2 deliveries and also keeps the newborn insured for around 90 days post delivery and up to 1-year for vaccinations. Healthcare expenses surrounding pregnancy can be pretty expensive and at the same time, you would not want to cut corners when it comes to the well-being of your baby. This add-on will help you afford the best in medical care and protection for mother and baby for a healthy, happy childbirth.

These are some of the most beneficial add-ons that can truly serve to supplement the basic features of health insurance. Do remember that the exact terms of coverage under each of these add-ons can vary between insurers. It is advisable to ask your insurance provider for a detailed list of the add-ons they have to offer so that you can take your pick for a health insurance policy tailor-made to perfection.

We hope this blog has been helpful in improving your understanding of the most important value-added services, features and benefits of health insurance.

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