Using Health Insurance During Medical Emergencies

Here are some of the ways a good health insurance plan could help you in a medical emergency. Check and see whether your health insurance policy is at par!

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Health insurance as a product has improved in leaps and bounds over the years. With the advent of the internet and the advancements of modern technology, insurance companies today can weave a greater deal of innovation and inclusiveness into their health insurance plans. Today, with a quality policy, the stress otherwise associated with a medical emergency has greatly reduced!

Let’s take a look at how using health insurance during medical emergencies can add a little peace of mind to a situation that could be quite mentally taxing.

To begin with, you do not have to worry about the cost of treatment

In a medical emergency, you can simply visit your nearest network hospital and avail yourself of cashless treatment! Just notify the insurance company, provide the details of your policy to the hospital and you no longer have to worry about the bills piling up. Easy, isn’t it? If the hospital you visit is not a network hospital, you can pay the bills yourself and then get all your expenses reimbursed in no time!

Even the cost of getting to the hospital can be covered

Some health insurance plans offer an add-on known as ‘emergency road ambulance cover’. With this add-on, emergency ambulance charges will be covered by the insurance provider (up to a limit of Rs 30,000 in some cases). This allows you to get quicker and better ambulance services during a medical emergency — the kind that provides specialist care and attention en route to the hospital — which can make all the difference in an emergency.

In some cases, you might have to get emergency treatment in another city. For this, some insurance providers offer an add-on known as ‘emergency air ambulance cover’. With this add-on, you can cover air ambulance charges in case of emergency hospitalisation (up to a limit of Rs 5 lakh in some cases).

You can also get cover while traveling!

It’s the last thing you want to think about, but a medical emergency could pop up at any time — even while on vacation. If in India, covering the cost of treatment in such an emergency shouldn’t be much of an issue, as almost every health insurance policy will have network hospitals spread across the country. However, if you are outside of India, getting quality healthcare can become an issue, especially if the country you are in has very expensive currency. That is why some health insurance companies thoughtfully offer an add-on known as ‘worldwide emergency hospitalisation cover’. This add-on will cover medical expenses outside India for inpatient hospitalisation due to a life-threatening illness.

No one wants to think about medical emergencies. The best health insurance providers understand this and do all the thinking for you! They will offer the cover you need and extra features that will take care of you in emergency situations.

Hope this has been helpful!

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