Road Safety: Best Practices Around the World

This Road Safety Week, let’s look at some global road safety practices that India can follow to make our streets accident-free


India has the highest number of road deaths in the world. Moreover, Indian accounts for 10 percent of road mishaps that take place globally. What do these facts tell us? That we need to learn from countries that are doing everything right to ensure the safety of their citizens. Let’s take a look:


Sweden is said to have the safest roads in Europe. In 2017, 254 people died in road accidents in Sweden, and by 2020 the Sweden transport authority aims to bring this number under 220. They adopted Vision Zero in 1997, which aims to eliminate deaths or serious injuries in road accidents. The policy includes actions such as installing barriers to separate car lanes, making two+one-roads. Many other countries have implemented their model with much success.


Netherland’s Sustainable Safety campaign concentrates on improving road infrastructure to reduce accidents. The policy has been in place since the 1990s.


Japan takes road safety rules very seriously. People caught drinking and driving can be imprisoned for up to 15 years.


While Switzerland punishes those caught drinking and driving, even those riding in the same car as the offender can lose their driving licences.

Buying Car Insurance Contributes To Road Safety

In India, it is mandatory for all cars to have third party car insurance. Anyone caught without a valid motor insurance can face fines and/or imprisonment. While car insurance protects one from financial implications of an accident, it indirectly promotes safe driving. If you don’t make car insurance claims during your policy tenure, you can accumulate No Claim Bonus, which allows you to earn discounts on car insurance policy renewal. So, this can be considered a reward for good driving by your car insurance provider.

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