Two-Wheeler Insurance - Protection On Your Mind?

A Quick Guide To Two-Wheeler Insurance In India!

Quick Guide To Two-Wheeler Insurance

A Quick Guide To Two-Wheeler Insurance In India!

Two-wheeler’s are everywhere in India from bustling cities to remote villages. To get to your destination quicker, two-wheelers are the best vehicles. They are also inexpensive to purchase as compared to cars. And almost every middle-class household has a two wheeler in India. Not only that, even, there has been a boom in high-end bikes and scooters segment recently. So, it is very important to understand how to select best two wheeler insurance in India and how it works.

The connect between the owner and that of the two-wheeler is usually that of a father and child. Every morning, you commute to work on it and back. Every evening, you take your family out.  Every Sunday, you try to show it the affection it deserves by cleaning it. Your two-wheeler isn’t just a necessity mode of transport, it is much more. Therefore, you should treat it with the love it deserves by getting the best two wheeler insurance possible.

Like any other motor vehicle, two-wheeler’s have to be insured as per the regulations of the Motor Vehicle Act.  

Best two wheeler insurance in India is taken to cover against damages/injuries that might occur to the two-wheeler or to the rider. From theft, accidents and natural disasters, you can protect your two-wheeler from all of it with a good insurance policy.

Many people in India also use their two-wheeler for personal and commercial purposes. You’ll need an additional commercial insurance if you do both.

Zooming in and around the city on your two-wheeler means that there will be times where things can go wrong. If such an event takes place, you should be ready for it. Since the value of a two-wheeler is generally lesser than that of the car, the insurance premium is less too. Some insurance policies start at a mere of Rs. 999/- for a year (approx. Rs. 3/- a day).  

Even if you consider yourself a safe rider, the roads of India and the other drivers are anything but safe. Therefore, looking into your two wheeler insurance in India is necessary for a day when things don’t go your way. Best two wheeler insurance policy in India cover ensures you have a safe ride every single time. 

With the digital age kicking in, it has become extremely easy to pick up an insurance policy online for your two-wheeler. Insurance companies are wooing customers left, right and center. Buying best two wheeler insurance in India has become a completely hassle-free process. 

With absolutely no paper work and digital payments, it has become extremely easy to get exactly what you’re looking for. Insurance companies have also setup an extensive network of garages, which means you can have a cashless claim in any of those garages. Insurance companies can settle cashless claims directly to repairers making it virtually cashless as well. It has never been simpler to check out the best two-wheeler insurance policy which works for you. None of the online insurance companies even inspect your two-wheeler before issuing you an insurance policy. The insurance policy is emailed to you within minutes after the payment and is digitally signed, making it so convenient that you don’t have to wait for the physical insurance papers to arrive by courier.

The two-wheeler insurance policy is generally categorized into two main types:

Third-Party (Act Only)

Mandatory by the government. This type of policy insures you against any financial loss you cause to a third-person, their vehicle or their property. Third-Party insurance excludes any injuries to you, damages to your vehicle due to any reason, etc.


– This type of policy not only includes third-party insurance but also covers your two-wheeler from accidents, fire, theft, damages by man-made and natural calamities and most importantly, you, the rider from injuries or death.

– Comprehensive policies can also have add-ons such as zero deprecation, engine protection and passenger cover.

– Comprehensive policies do not cover the ageing of your bike and if you are riding it without a driver’s license.

– Tire issues or riding under the influence of intoxicated substances is also not covered.

Insurance companies also let their customers avail a multi-year insurance policy. This is done so customers don’t have to go through the trouble of renewing it every time and remembering every year! Multi-Year policies work better for customers, as insurance companies give generous discounts on such policies.

Two Wheeler insurance in India has no fixed prices and depends on various factors, just as how it works for cars. Factors which can make an impact on your insurance premium are: Current market value of your two-wheeler, age of your two-wheeler, the add-ons you choose, and your claim history. It also depends on whether you get the third-party type of insurance or comprehensive insurance. As mentioned earlier, getting a multi-year insurance policy helps in reducing the cost of a two-wheeler insurance in India.

It’s up-to you to decide if you want to pay lower premiums or get a small amount or nothing if something happens to you or your beloved two-wheeler.

Research, compare and learn all about your two-wheeler and all the insurance options you have before taking a final call. It is very important to be well researched when buying insurance, as it makes you aware of what to do in-case something unfortunate happens. Read the policy, the inclusions and exclusions of each insurance company before deciding on an insurance policy for your two-wheeler. Remember to think of your two-wheeler insurance a part of your everyday ride, just like your helmet. Ride safe, ride insured.

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