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Health Coverage For Everyone, Everywhere. Do You Agree?

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A few decades ago, our basic needs were food, clothing and shelter. Jump forward to today, the question is, “Are these enough?” Necessary still, yes, but not enough. Today, even basic needs differ from entity to entity. For instance, Abraham Maslow, a popular psychologist has segregated basic needs into various buckets such as physical survival needs, physical safety needs, love and belonging needs and self-esteem needs. And, in Maslow’s opinion, if all these needs are met, a new need will be born — that of self-fulfilment. Due to our advancing world, our basic needs are growing too—with many considering emotional needs vital for our survival. But, can any of these needs be met without proper health? Today, healthcare is considered one of the basic needs for survival.

Universal Health Coverage Day

Recognising that healthcare is essential for everyone, December 12 is celebrated as Universal Health Coverage Day to mark United Nations’ endorsement of universal health coverage in 2012. In fact, WHO adopted the motto of ‘Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere’ on World Health Day in 2019 which is celebrated on April 7 every year.

Proper Health Insurance A Necessity for Healthcare

While healthcare is a basic need, and everyone regardless of gender, race, social status should have access to it, good healthcare can be expensive. Therefore, the role of health insurance is important. Health insurance is not a luxury, but a necessity. It can help you save thousands or even lakhs in case you are hospitalised due to an accident or illness.

Health insurance prepares you for uncertainties that life sometimes throws at you. Whether you have been diagnosed with a critical illness that runs in your family or met with an accident, it can cover your healthcare expenses.

Health Insurance is Not Expensive

Many of us will agree that healthcare is one of the most basic needs for survival, but they also find health insurance an unnecessary expense or expensive. Health insurance is neither of these things. It is neither expensive nor an unnecessary expense. Imagine, a health insurance that costs approximately Rs 5,000 annually may cover your hospitalisation expenses up to Rs 5 lakh.

On this occasion of Universal Health Coverage Day, make one choice—that of buying health insurance for yourself and your loved ones—to lead a life of contentment.

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