#MakeYourChoice: Is Your Health Insurance Provider Even Listening To You?

Do You Have A Say While Buying Your Health Insurance Policy?

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Picture this scene. You are at a shopping mall trying jeans from your favourite brand. You are with a friend who is giving her opinion on what kind of jeans you should buy, or even try. The salesperson at the shop is also offering her opinion. But are they considering your opinion? Maybe yes, maybe no. Your friend tells you because she is your friend so she knows what’s best for you. On the other hand, the salesperson has years of experience selling jeans to people so maybe her suggestion is better. You like neither of the suggestions presented to you, but the salesperson finally convinces you to make a purchase that you are not completely sure of. “What choice did I have anyway. Maybe the expert knows better,” you pacify yourself.

Now apply this situation to some other real-life instance such as buying health insurance. Have you ever felt that your health insurance provider is not listening to you? So, instead of letting you choose your own benefits, your health insurance provider is telling you what will work best for you. At best, this suggestion will benefit you; at worst, your health insurance claim will be rejected. But, are you ready to take your chances? Apparently not, because a health insurance claim may sometimes cost you your entire life savings. So, choose a health insurance provider that listens to you and offers you what you need.

How Does Your Health Insurance Provider Listen To You?

So, how do you know that your health insurance provider is considering your views? When they let you customise your health insurance policy. Your health insurance provider should offer your suggestions based on your health, based on which you can design your health insurance benefits. Some new-age digital health insurance providers also provide you suggestions on the sum insured based on your annual income. This may get you started on the right path to building the perfect health insurance policy for yourself

Is A-la-carte Health Insurance Good?

There are various health insurance plans available in the market, but are they good enough for you? For instance, would you choose a health insurance policy without a maternity cover if you are planning to grow your family? Here’s when a-la-carte health insurance policy comes into play. You #makeyourchoice while buying this health insurance policy. Long waiting period or short waiting period: your choice. Sum insured: your choice. You have the complete freedom to customise your a-la-carte health insurance.

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