International Girl Child Day Special: Health Insurance For Women

According To Sources, Only About 20% Of Women Have Health Insurance In India

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Women should be celebrated every day for the countless ways they make the world a better place. But if there’s one day that should be considered special, it should be the International Girl Child Day, celebrated on the 11th of October every year. It’s a day that recognises one important fact — every little girl child that comes into this world has the power to ‘inspire, break boundaries and take charge of her future’.

The theme for this year’s International Girl Child Day is ‘GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable’. Access to quality healthcare is one of the most important requirements for every little girl child to live her unscripted and unstoppable dreams. This is where health insurance becomes important!

Health Insurance — Helping the Girl Force Take Their First Steps

Being able to bring the gift of life into the world can be miraculous for a lot of us. It has been known that the pregnancy period could become overwhelming to parents. Whether or not it’s a girl child, every parent does their best to keep every little detail in check from buying a crib for the baby or putting together finances to cover the surgical fees for birth.

For your little one, you must be able to get the best medical services possible. However, the prices for these services at private hospitals are now skyrocketing. Therefore, getting medical insurance with maternity cover is the most reliable way to go!

Have A Happy Maternity

Most women’s health insurance plans now come with a maternity benefit cover. This benefit is useful throughout the pregnancy. Under maternity health plan, all medical services are covered for the mother and the child. At the time of birth, the chosen insurance policy covers procedures such as C-section, instrumental-assisted, normal. Even after birth, the child medical services are covered for a certain time within the maternity claim.

Applying for the medical claim early on the pregnancy is essential! The parents can find the best suitable health insurance plan for both the mother and the child. As a newborn, the girl child will stay covered under her mother’s maternity health plan.

Women’s Health Insurance

In recent times, women are known to get advanced medical services. According to various sources, only about 20% of women have proper health insurance. This is not a good sign because women are prone to various health risks.

Due to the changing lifestyle of women, there has been a rise in diseases like hypertension, polycystic ovarian syndrome, osteoporosis, cardiovascular, infertility and thyroid. With the alarming number of women being affected, it is more important for women to get the right medical attention. It is important to get a medical cover which will keep you financially protected in times of emergencies. Insurance providers offer women-centric plans that specifically address women’s health needs.

For a woman who plays more roles than one, it is important for her to take good care of herself. In many cases, the matriarch of the household is seen to put others’ needs before hers so much so that she often forgets to give herself the best. To all the women out there, treat yourself right! Your health matters more than you know, you deserve to get a health plan that can give you the cover you need. Last, this International Girl Child Day, let’s celebrate all our strong and fearless girls out there!

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