I Had A Car Accident. What Do I Do?

Are you unsure what role your car insurance provider will play after you have been involved in an accident? Read on to find out


Whenever we set off on our vehicles, we don’t think anything bad, like an accident, might happen to us. That’s human nature. In fact, that’s why some people believe that car insurance is not for them. But not only is third party car insurance mandatory for vehicles in India, motor insurance is also necessary to save us from financial or legal risks that we may face due to a mishap. Therefore, let’s look at what you should do in case you or your loved one has got into an accident, and the role your car insurance provider will play during such an event.

Anirudh is an avid driver. Even though he keeps busy at work most days, he takes the time to go out on road trips once or twice a month. Not only is Anirudh a keen driver, but he is also a cautious one. In fact, Anirudh is a part of a group that advocates safe driving including the benefits of car insurance to people. One such weekend when Anirudh was out on a road trip with his friends, he had an accident. On the way to Pune, Anirudh’s car rammed into a woman who suddenly appeared in front of his car. While the fault was not necessarily his, as a responsible driver as well as citizen, he and his friends called for an ambulance, which drove the woman to a nearby hospital. Anirudh did the right thing by calling an ambulance as experts say that transferring road accident victims in private vehicles can sometimes worsen their injuries. On reaching the hospital, it was found that the woman thankfully did not have any fatal injuries, but she had suffered a few fractures. Anirudh heaved a sigh of relief but was now thinking of the legal and financial ramifications of the incident. He suddenly remembered his car insurance. Even though Anirudh was aware of how to claim car insurance for damages, such a situation was new to him as well. So, if you unfortunately find yourself to be in a situation like this, here are some things that you may keep in mind.


Filing A Police FIR

This is the first step that you need to take after getting involved in a car accident. Whether the fault was yours or the third party’s, a complaint needs to be filed with the police who will investigate the case. The car insurance provider will also refer to the FIR to pass any motor insurance claims. An FIR copy may not only be needed for motor insurance purposes, but also for legal purposes.

Contacting Your Car Insurance Provider

After ensuring that any injured party has been taken to a hospital or administered first aid, and is safe, you should contact your car insurance provider to inform them about the accident. In such a case, where the third party was admitted to a hospital for treatment, the car insurance provider may ask you for hospital reports of the victim to pass motor insurance claims related to third party injuries. Make a note of the damages caused to your vehicle in the accident and notify the car insurance provider accordingly. A surveyor will be sent by the car insurance company to review the damages, following which your car be sent for repairs. If your car insurance company has tie-ups with a network of garages, you can send your car there. You will be allowed to make car insurance claims for damages to your vehicle only if you have a comprehensive car insurance policy. A third-party car insurance, on the other hand, will not cover damages to your vehicle.

Worrying about your car insurance claim is only going to add to your problems. When you are filing a car insurance claim, make sure that you have provided all details and documents related to the incident to your car insurance company, as this will ensure a smooth processing of your motor insurance claim

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