Health Insurance Buying: Easy or Not? Wait Till you Read This!

Thinking about buying health insurance? This article will go over the basic process! Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

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Buying health insurance can seem to be a daunting task, especially for a first-time buyer. There are several insurance providers to choose from and each of them will offer multiple plan options. Even if you do find the perfect plan, you might stumble upon another plan that offers better features, and then you’re back to square one! Conflicting ‘suggestions’ from the close friend, the nosy neighbour, and the distant uncle only add to the confusion. Buying health insurance can be really troublesome!

Well, there’s good news for you!

Today, you can tailor a plan around your needs. You can choose the sum insured you think is suitable, throw in the add-ons you want, get a quotation and buy the plan, all at a time and place you find convenient. Easy isn’t it?

What is the exact process to buy a health insurance cover?

The process might differ from one insurance company to the next, but in general, the process to buy a health insurance cover should be quite similar. To begin with, you will have to select your gender, your city of residence, your age and your annual income. Based on these details, you should get an instant quote.

At this point, you should be able to alter the quotation to better suit your needs. You will be able to increase or decrease the sum insured and the years of cover. You will also have the option to include the add-ons you want. After your alterations, the quotation will be updated and if you’re happy with it, you can continue to provide your details.

After providing your basic details, you might have to answer questions regarding your smoking/drinking habits, current and previous medical history and so on. Remember to answer all these questions truthfully — hiding any details might result in a rejection of claim later on. Last, you will have to provide your contact details and the contact details of your nominee. Then simply agree to the terms and make the payment and voila, you’re done!

Before buying a health insurance plan

Sure, buying a health insurance cover might have become much easier but the preparation before making the purchase remains the same. You should do your research and have a good understanding of all the insurance terms before making any purchase decisions. Also, check the network hospitals, the reviews, the choice of add-ons, the claim settlement ratio and so on. Commit to a health insurance provider and a plan only once you are 100% sure about your decision.

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