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The OPD Cover Offers Relief From Six Outpatient Expenses! Know Why You Should Include This Feature In Your Health Insurance

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Visiting the doctor is not what it used to be. Today, a simple consultation might cost thousands of rupees! Buying medicines for flu, getting diagnostic tests done can be expensive. That’s why some health insurance plans cover such outpatient expenses for you. Opting for this feature will ensure you never have to worry about these six outpatient expenses.

Doctor’s Consultation

These days, even an appointment with a general physician can leave you feeling the pinch. Not to mention the fact that you might have to make a follow-up visit, which will only increase the total out-of-pocket expenditure. Visits to a specialist can leave your wallet feeling much, much lighter. But, not if you have a health insurance with OPD coverage! This covers doctor’s consultation charges so you do not have to worry about them every time you visit the clinic.


Medicines are crucial to your treatment, and for a speedy recovery. Thankfully, advancements in modern medicine mean that drugs work more efficiently and have fewer side effects. However, the price of medicines has also seen a steady increase. So much so that, even one-time medication can seem quite expensive. Fortunately, with OPD coverage, the cost of medicines will be the least of your worries. This covers the bills while you take care of your health, perfect isn’t it?

Lab Tests

Today, a simple, run-of-the-mill CBC (complete blood count) test can cost you a couple of thousand rupees. More advanced tests such an MRI or CT scan can cost a lot more. In certain cases, multiple tests might need to be carried out to track the progress of your recovery. Either way, the costs of medical tests can really drive up your healthcare expenses. The OPD cover can come to your rescue and ensure that the cost of tests is never an obstacle.

Dental Expenses

Usually, dental expenses are excluded from the coverage of a health insurance policy. However, because dental costs are going through the roof, some insurance policies cover dental expenses through an OPD add-on. Now, you can smile from cheek to cheek knowing that the cost of medical treatment will be handled by your health insurance policy.

Spectacle And Hearing Aids

Spectacle and hearing aid costs are also covered under the OPD add-on. This is especially useful for senior citizens as they are more likely to require them. Having the OPD cover will ensure they are safeguarded from the purchase costs, and the out-of-pocket expenses are minimal.

Individual outpatient costs can seem easy to handle. However, combine doctor’s fees, the cost of medicines, lab bills and so on, and you are spending a substantial amount of money. Fortunately, a health insurance with OPD expense coverage will ensure these costs do not bother you. Remember that you can get this cover when purchasing your policy health insurance or while renewing it.

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