Five Reasons To Buy Motor Insurance Online

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Today, everything from medicines to movie tickets to household items can be purchased online. And fortunately for online retailers, even customers are not hesitant to purchase services and products online. The motor insurance industry too has gone digital. Customers can purchase two wheeler insurance and car insurance online from the comfort of their homes or offices. Here are some reasons to buy motor insurance online.

Personalised Experience

Often people don’t want to buy motor insurance online because they believe that they will not be offered a personalised experience. However, if clothing sites or travel sites can offer recommendations to you based on your data, why not motor insurance companies? New age digital motor insurance companies offer personalised car insurance online to people based on the information they provide. Digital-first companies have machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities which take one’s car usage, car model, geographical location and other factors into consideration while offering recommendations for customised car insurance. So, you live in a city like Mumbai, which is prone to flooding, you might be offered the engine protection add-on cover.

Simplicity Of Purchase

Who doesn’t like shopping from the comfort of their home. You just have to login into a website, weigh your choices and make the purchase. The same idea is applicable to buying car insurance online. You need to visit the car insurance company’s website, enter details, and choose from the various customised plans shown to you. The biggest advantage of going digital while buying motor insurance is that you have lesser or no paperwork to deal with. A digital copy of your car insurance policy is usually emailed to you within minutes of completing the purchase, and a physical copy is most likely dispatched to your address within 24 to 48 hours. Make sure to always carry your motor insurance policy while driving your vehicle.

Excellent Customer Service

The saying, ‘Customer is the king’ holds true even in the digital age. What sets apart digital companies from the crowd is the excellent customer service they are known to provide. A customer service agent can resolve your query related to car insurance or two wheeler insurance over phone or email or chat. You can also read policy wordings and customer information sheet found on motor insurance company websites to understand your two-wheeler or car insurance better.

Easy Online Renewals

Had it not been for those constant reminders, would we have remembered to pay all those bills on or before the due date? Probably not. When you buy motor insurance online, your digital insurance company will send you a reminder to renew your car insurance or two wheeler insurance before the due date. Further, if you do your car insurance online renewal on time, you might only have to share your policy number and payment details.

Customer-Friendly Interface

While millennials are quite comfortable shopping online, the generations before them may take a little time understanding the whole process of online shopping. However, digital motor insurance companies have such simple and user-friendly interfaces that anybody and everybody can access them. Moreover, digital form filling is faster and easier than filling forms physically. The system will even prompt you if you make a mistake while filling your car insurance details.

Apart from the above factor, online car insurance might be cost-effective as the cost of reduced overheads are passed on to customers. So, choose online car insurance today.

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