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Filing motor insurance claims does not have to be tricky. Read these tips to understand the process


They say a comma killed a man. When the ruling read as “Hang him, not save him” instead of “Hang him not, save him”, a life was lost. Now that the important of something as tiny as a comma has been accomplished, imagine what making incomplete or wrong car insurance claims can do. Undoubtedly, get your request rejected by the motor insurance company. Therefore, just buying a good car insurance policy is not enough to get its benefits. If you want to make the most of your motor insurance policy, you need to ensure that your car insurance claims are filed accurately, and on time. While filing motor insurance claims can be tricky, all that is needed is a little patience in understanding the entire car insurance claim process, and ensuring adherence to it. Here are some motor insurance filing tips that will not only help you get started, but also help you file car insurance claims with your car insurance provider correctly.

Gather Preliminary Information To Submit To Your Motor Insurance Provider

Note the damages to your car as well as to the third-party vehicle. It is recommended to collect photographic evidence as it will help you get full reimbursement for the damages from your motor insurance company.

Check Whether You Have Comprehensive Car Insurance Or Liability Only Policy

If you get into an accident involving your car, check what kind of insurance coverage do you have. If you have third-party car insurance, it will not cover the damages to your vehicle, and the repair cost will have to be borne by you, and not by your motor insurance company.

File A Police Fir To Submit To Your Car Insurance Company For Theft And Third Party Claims

In the event of a car theft or third party damage, your car insurance provider will demand to see a police report before processing your car insurance claims. Therefore, to ensure that your car insurance claim is processed without any hassles by your motor insurance company, first file a first information report with the police.

Keep Your Motor Insurance Policy Handy

Before calling your car insurance provider, keep your car insurance policy handy and make a note of the risks covered by your car insurance policy. This will help you understand what may or may not be covered by your car insurance provider.

Contact Your Car Insurance Provider

The sooner you contact your car insurance provider after a collision, the quicker your motor insurance claims might be processed. You can call your car insurance provider on the phone number mentioned on your car insurance policy document. You will be issued a reference number by the call centre executive after you have registered a complaint with your car insurance company.

Submit The Claims Form To Your Motor Insurance Company

This is the most important part of filing a car insurance claim. One mistake or lie on your motor insurance claims form can jeopardise your request for reimbursement. So, this has to be done with utmost care. While filling the motor insurance claims form, make sure that you are honest with your car insurance provider. For instance, if someone else was behind the wheel when the accident took place, do convey this to the car insurance provider. Further, all claims need to be submitted to the motor insurance company within a certain duration of the event taking place. Make sure that you adhere to the timelines to avoid your claim request from getting rejected by the motor insurance company. Further, if you are uncertain on how to fill the car insurance claims form, seek the help of an expert, possibly your insurance official/surveyor, as they will be able to offer you useful advice.

Document Communications With Your Motor Insurance Provider

More often than not, there will be several exchanges between your car insurance provider and you before you are reimbursed. This is mainly to verify the authenticity of your car insurance claims. Document all communications that take place between both you and your car insurance company, including the executives you spoke to and when. This can prove to be useful for filing disputes with your motor insurance company, if any.

Don’t Settle If You Are Not Happy With The Claim Amount Offered By Your Motor Insurance Company

If you are not happy with the claim amount offered by your car insurance provider, and are of the opinion that you are not getting your dues, convey this to your car insurance company. Further, do not sign any document or discharge voucher unless you are satisfied with the claim amount.

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