Does Health Insurance Cover Mental Illnesses?

Today, everyone including health insurance providers have realised the importance of mental health

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A few decades ago talking about mental illness, even as common as depression, was considered taboo. Today, with celebrities—not just from India but across the world--from various walks of life highlighting the importance of mental health, this topic is slowly gaining recognition.

Moreover, with the World Health Organisation claiming that India has the highest number of people with depression, it is high time the issue of mental illnesses is addressed seriously. Therefore, today mental health counselling is not just the prerogative of a select few, but a tool that needs to be made available to everyone. Considering this, it is mandatory for health insurance providers to cover mental illnesses. While the coverage varies as per your health insurance plan, the good news is that there are definite benefits you can seek from coverage of expenses related to counselling to hospitalisation in severe cases.

Why Is Inclusion of Mental Illnesses Important in Health Insurance?

Mental illnesses can be caused due to various reasons such as environmental, hereditary. If left untreated, the illness can become severe over time causing the affected person to withdraw from society, commit suicide and so on. In many cases, the families of the affected persons too are impacted. This establishes the importance of seeking treatment for mental illnesses. However, even if a person is willing to seek treatment, the cost of counselling sessions can serve as a deterrent in several cases. Here, coverage of mental illnesses in health insurance plays a critical role. The coverage of counselling sessions and other such benefits motivates patients to seek treatment for their mental health.

Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health

With various studies establishing the correlation between mental and physical health, especially in the area of chronic illnesses, it is importance to seek treatment for mental illnesses.

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