Do I Need Health Insurance?

Do You Think Health Insurance Is Not Important? If Yes, Read Ahead


“Do I need health insurance?” is like asking someone, “Do I need oxygen to survive?” You might think that we are being a little bit too dramatic by making unfair comparisons, but in today’s times health insurance is important for everyone. With rising hospitalization charges and medical expenses, it is important for everyone to have an adequate health insurance cover. If you still need be to be convinced about why you need health insurance, here are four reasons.

1) You Care About Your Peace Of Mind

Everybody values their peace of mind, right? When you or a loved one is hospitalized or diagnosed with an illness, one not only has to live with the ailment, but also bear the treatment costs. A lot of times people are not able to manage their health properly as they are worried about meeting such costs. However, if you have health insurance, your hospitalization charges can be borne by your health insurance provider, which, in turn, allows you to put the focus on your own health or that of your loved ones.

2) You Don’t Want To Lose All Your Savings On Health Care

You might argue that you don’t need health insurance because it is expensive, but let’s see how this might not be true with the help of an example. You met with an accident and were rushed to the hospital where you were administered with emergency first aid. Your family was then asked to pay a lumpsum amount to continue with further necessary treatment. If you had cashless health insurance, the hospital might have only needed your insurance details to continue your treatment without any interruption. However, in the absence of a health insurance plan your family had to cough up a few a lakhs for your treatment as opposed to a few thousands which you would have spent on health insurance. So, now do you really believe that health insurance is expensive? Health insurance can shield you from unexpected medical expenses. It can come in handy when you require an emergency medical surgery. Besides, if you have a health insurance policy, you are also entitled to certain tax benefits.


3) You Want To Maintain Your Health

While this may sound surprising, a health insurance policy can actually help you maintain your health. Sometimes, fearing the high cost of health care we postpone necessary medical check-ups or even going to the doctor for treatment, but if you have a health insurance plan, this might not be the case. If you look after your wellbeing now, you might even save yourself from huge medical expenses later. Some health insurance providers also offer policyholders discounts on diagnostic procedures.

4) You Want To Receive Superior Treatment

Medical treatment in India can be expensive, especially if you are receiving treatment at a private hospital. In view of high medical costs, many patients choose to receive treatment at sub-par hospitals or sometimes, not at all. If you have a health insurance policy, you can be assured of receiving the best treatment possible for yourself.

5) What Is The Right Age To Buy Medical Insurance?

If you are reading this article, the right age to buy health insurance is now. While there is no appropriate age to purchase health insurance, the sooner you purchase it the better it is. You might argue that you are young and fit and, therefore, not in need of health insurance, however, if you are healthy, you might even save on health insurance premiums as these are calculated as per one’s medical history, age and other factors. Some insurance providers even refuse to cover adults beyond a certain age, so you might not want to delay the process of buying health insurance any further.

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