Did You Know Pre- And Post-Hospitalisation Cover Can Be Extended?

Pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses cover supports you before admission and after discharge. Find out more here!

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It is helpful to purchase a pre- and post-hospitalisation cover. It ensures that along with the hospital bills all expenses before admission and after discharge are covered by the health insurance policy. Let us give you a better understanding of pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses cover with the example of Harish Sharma.

Mr Harish Sharma’s Malaria Woes

A few months ago, Mr Harish Sharma was down with a case of high fever so he visited his family doctor. His doctor gave him medicines as well as ordered a few tests. The tests results showed positive for malaria after which Harish was admitted to the hospital.

Harish Sharma Walks Out Of The Hospital Door!

Being a rather fit individual, Harish responded well to the treatment and was soon cured of malaria. He was discharged and got back on his feet in no time. However, along with a few days of bed rest, the doctors at the hospital also prescribed some expensive medicines that Harish needed to take for the next 15 days. Moreover, since it was a severe case, Harish was also advised to visit his general physician every week for the next month to monitor his recovery.

Harish’s Pre- And Post-Hospitalisation Expenses

As you can see, Harish had to deal with numerous medical expenses before admission and after discharge. These were for doctor’s visits, medicines and tests. Without a pre- and post-hospitalisation cover, Harish would have to pay for these expenses out of his own pocket with no hope of getting reimbursed for the same. However, Harish Sharma was smart; he opted for pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses cover that would cover all his medical expenses. Be like Harish and get this valuable feature added to your health insurance policy!

Benefits Of Pre- and Post-hospitalisation Cover

This feature can help you save a lot of money. While most insurance companies cover pre-hospitalisation expenses for 45 to 60 days, there are a few that offer wider pre-admission options of 30, 60 and 90 days. This can be extremely helpful for illnesses, conditions, and surgeries that are preceded by several tests and trips to the clinic before actual hospitalisation.

Not only that, when it comes post-discharge cover, the industry norm is up to 90 days, but some heath insurance companies allow you to choose from 60, 90 and 180 days of cover! This will safeguard policyholders from lingering post-hospitalisation expenses.

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