#YourChoiceMatters: Can I Decide My Own Health Insurance Premium?

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What is that one thing that everyone values, and even more when they don’t have it? It’s the freedom of choice. It’s something that is valued by everyone from a five-year-old to an 85-year-old. While the child may want to choose which toy they would like to play with, the senior would like to be given the freedom to live as they desire.

When you want to exercise freedom in so many areas of your life, why let your health insurance provider decide your health insurance premium? It’s time to #makeyourchoice while buying your health insurance premium?

So, How Do You Decide Your Health Insurance Premium?

One of the major factors that determines your health insurance premium is your sum insured. The first step towards deciding your health insurance premium is choosing your sum insured. What’s even better is that if you are unsure of how much sum insured to choose, you can ask your health insurance provider for recommendation.

Now, digital health insurance providers even offer recommendations on the most suitable sum insured amount for you based on your annual income and probability to be diagnosed with specific critical illness at a particular age. This not only helps you know how much health insurance premium you may be able to comfortably pay, but also how much protection you really need. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Or we can be peaceful and say, have your cake and eat it too. Either way, you get the metaphor, right?

Is There A Way To Lower Your Health Insurance Premium?

Not just one way, there are several, in fact. However, it depends on your health insurance provider. That’s why it is important to #makeyourchoice. One way through which you can lower your health insurance premium is by opting for the room renting capping benefit. You can choose from various room rent options available as per your sum insured.

Another way to lower your health insurance premium is by increasing your waiting period. Do you think that you are healthy and don’t need health insurance right now? In fact, you should buy health insurance without any delay and let your perfect health status work in your favour. You can increase the waiting period for certain illnesses, which will help you earn discount on your health insurance premium.

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