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How To Apply For A Driving License Online In India!

Apply For A Driving License Online

How To Apply For A Driving License Online In India!

One of the most important documents a driver should have at any given point is the driving license. The driving license certifies the fact that the license holder is qualified to drive in India. The driving license is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the state where you reside in.

Remember the process of getting a driving license back in the day? Standing in lines all day long, going from one office to another before it's lunch time! Well, no more. The entire process of applying for a driving license has been changed. All of it can now be done online, making the process way easier for the common man. Moving to an online portal to apply for a driving license also reduces red-tapism and bureaucracy. Along-with that, it reduces middlemen who overcharge people to apply for a license.

Andheri RTO in Mumbai famously claims to be completely tout-free, and other RTOs across the country are following suit!

So, if you have wanted to apply for a driving license but haven't gotten to it yet because you don't have the time, fret not. We bring you the entire procedure which will not only make it easier but also save you time and money.

Applying For A New Driving License Online

Now, it's easier than ever to apply for a driving license online. Let's check out the procedure to do that:

Learner License / Driving License Form

– All you have to do is visit the website setup by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. This website is called Sarthi.

– Once you're on the website, select the option to apply for a new LL/DL. (Learner License / Driving License)

– This will let you download the entire form from the website.

– After downloading the form, all you have to do is fill it and submit it back on the website. All of this can be done digitally and you don't need to print the form.

– If you're under 18, you will have to take a printout of the form and get it signed by a parent/guardian. Only after that can you upload the filled-out form on the website.

Break-Down Of The Form: The online form has 5 parts, named A, B, C, D & E. Let's look at them in detail:

Part A - Part A contains the below mentioned points which need to be filled out:

– Type of License (LL/DL)

– Applicant's state

– Name of district RTO

– Applicant's full name

– Gender of applicant

– Applicant's date of birth

– Place of birth of applicant

– Country of birth of applicant

– Email ID of applicant

– Father/Husband/Guardian of applicant's name in full

– Address proof of applicant (Permanent) (Copy of this has to be uploaded too)

– Present address of applicant (If different than permanent address)

– Citizenship status of applicant

– Educational qualification of applicant

– Identification marks (If any)

– Blood group of applicant

Part B - Part B of the form is in respect to the type of vehicle the applicant is seeking to drive. There are up to 19 choices, and the applicant can select all of them, if he/she so pleases. These choices including cars, bikes, trucks, buses, etc.

Part C - Part C of the form is inclusive of all of the documents being submitted by the applicant. Documents such as age proof, permanent address proof, etc. are to be included here.

Part D - Part D of the form needs you to agree that all the information attached or entered by you is true. It also includes information on a medical certificate fitness, etc.

Part E - Part E of the form is only relevant to applicant if he/she is under the age of 18. This part of the form has to be signed by the parent/guardian to let the applicant apply for a LL. The parent/guardian however can only sign in front of an authorised officer.

Requirements: If you're applying for a driver's license online. You need to attach basic documents: Proof of residence, (3) recent passport size photos, proof of age and a proof of citizenship are mandatory. You will also need a copy of your learner's license, etc.

Things To Note

-If you hold a Learner's licence (LL) you can apply for a Driving Licence (DL) 30 days from the issue date of your LL.

-Non-application of DL within 180 days from the issue date of your LL, will make your LL stand cancelled.

-Please make sure you check the form in its entirety before submitting it.

-Make sure to carry the documents in their original when you are going for your driving test.

-If you're applying for a DL, make sure to attach a copy of your LL too.

We hope that this article provided you with the basic information. Our goal was to keep you updated with a comprehensive list of things to keep in mind when you apply for your driver's license online in India. We wanted to inform our readers that it is possible to get a driver's license online without wasting valuable time. In our next posts, we will take this topic further and discuss how to renew your driver's license. We will also look at how to check the status of your driver's license online. Stay tuned!

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