5 Figures That Highlight The Need For Better Road Safety In India

Some statistics can be really scary. Read on to find out where India stands in Road Safety

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When it comes to motor insurance, most consumers purchase car or two-wheeler insurance from their car dealers without fully understanding their purchase. However, if we showed you the evidence of increasing road accidents, would it prompt you to go back and check the policy that sits in the car dashboard. No, we are not doing this to scare you. This week is road safety week, and as an organisation that markets motor insurance we felt the pressing need to create awareness around road safety.

We are committed to bringing you little snippets on Road Safety - the do’s and don’ts, the statistics and so on. Today we are sharing some alarming statistics on why we need better road safety in India

  • In 2017, a whopping 1.47 lakh people died in road deaths in India which is equivalent to the entire population of Shillong!
  • Average road deaths per year in India in the last decade is 1,36,118
  • In 2016, a staggering 60% of the people who lost their lives were young men aged between 18-35 years.
  • The collective loss to Indian society is huge and phenomenal in economic terms, roughly amounting to 3 % of total GDP
  • In 2016, 73,896 people who lost their lives in accidents lost it due to over speeding.

So, the next time you feel that it could never be me, think again.

At COCO by Navi General Insurance, we encourage safe driving

*All statistics have been sourced through online networks

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