10 Simple Ways to Improve the Efficiency of your Car

Buying a car is only half of the process. Maintaining and Improving its efficiency is the other half.

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improve efficiency of car

Your car is so much more than a machine that gets you moving from A to B.

It is a reflection of your style, an embodiment of your passion for driving, and your companion on memorable journeys. For these reasons – and more – selecting a car is no easy task.

You probably spent weeks, or even months, scouting the Internet and hopping from one car showroom to the next in search of the perfect drive.

And, when you found it, you instantly knew it was the one.

From the moment you sat behind the wheel, things just felt right; the vehicle was made just for you.

Indeed, one cannot deny that owning a car is an emotionally engaging experience.

You would thus want to do everything in your power to keep your vehicle in top-notch condition for a long time to come, for there are still so many adventures you will share together!

For this, you have to somehow slow down the natural process of wear and tear that slowly takes its toll on your car’s efficiency.

Wondering what are the Ways to Improve Efficiency of your Car?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Read on to discover 10 essential driving tips that will guide on how to improve efficiency of your car like a pro.

1. Avoid aggressive driving

Aggression is never a good option when driving on the open road. It clouds your judgment and can lead to hasty maneuvers. A similar sense for calm and careful handling needs to be followed when operating your vehicle.

Indeed, one of the most important car driving tips anyone can give you is to go easy on the pedals, gears, and other parts of your vehicle. Accelerate and brake gently; rough handling will harm your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

2. Shut the engine when vehicle is idle

Experts advise turning off the engine if your vehicle is stationary for more than 30 seconds. Keeping your car engine running while the vehicle is idle will simply consume more fuel.

Fortunately, new cars often come with a button to stop/start the vehicle thus, making it rather simple to put this tip into practice.

Quick tip: Turning off the A/C when your vehicle is idle for long periods too helps save fuel.

3. Drive at a moderate speed

If you are wondering how to improve the mileage of your car, the answer is to drive at a moderate speed. This simple habit when put into practice will truly make a difference.

In fact, ask any auto expert how to improve car efficiency with driving techniques and they too are going to tell you just that – keep the speed moderate.

4. Always park in the shade

Standing under the scorching heat of the midday sun is never a good idea – neither for you nor your car. Make sure to always park your vehicle in the shade to keep its temperature balanced and prevent evaporation of fuel.

In case you cannot avoid parking in direct sunlight on occasion, do open up all the windows and allow the heat to escape before you begin your drive.

5. Empty out the junk

The trunk of your car is often akin to an attic – a lot of stuff gets kept there for storage. Over time, you are likely to forget about most of these things and unnecessarily lug around a couple of extra kilos on every drive. And, these extra kilos can reduce the efficiency of your car.

So, get rid of those extra boxes that you have been lugging around on every drive to improve your car’s efficiency. This is one of the most overlooked driving tips of all time and yet, it is so important.

6. Regularly service your car

While servicing the car at stipulated times is a no brainer, there is more than just a cleanup that takes place during servicing. Cleaning the air filter and fuel filters at regular intervals is also known to increase the efficiency.

7. Always fill the fuel when the temperature is low

This is a little know tip for car maintenance. The reason why filling the fuel in the night makes sense is because at that time, fuel density is highest.

So from now on, make sure you wait till the evenings to get a tank refill.

8. Refuel from Company Operated Fuel Stations

It is advisable to visit a company operated petrol pump instead of an unauthorized one to avoid fuel pilferages.

9. Choose the Right Gear

This is another tip that will ensure a smooth drive and an efficient vehicle. Use right gear at right speed.

It is also a good idea to drive at a constant speed wherever possible.

10. Check the Tyre Pressure

Under-inflated tyres can cause an excessive usage of fuel. This can cause further damage to the tyres. That is why having the Right air pressure is necessary.

Be sure to maintain consistency when following these tips in order to see results!

Also note that it is mandatory for all motorists to have at least basic liability insurance to drive on the roads in India. Finally, also remember to always keep your car protected with comprehensive car insurance.

A comprehensive car insurance policy will cover you against third-party liabilities and loss or damages to vehicle in an accident, natural or man-made disasters or theft of your Vehicle.

So, browse the web or speak to a customer service executive today for helping in exploring and selecting the right policy to protect your car.

While we always hope for the best, it is prudent to be prepared for the unforeseen too.

Buckle up, stay alert, and drive safely!

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